Local Enterprise Office (LEO) Louth

LEO Louth is the primary agency in County Louth dedicated to the development of micro-enterprise. Continuing on from the Louth County Enterprise Board which existed for over twenty years, the Local Enterprise Office and its experienced staff has provided advice, counselling, training, finance and resource development support to well over 4,000 local enterprises.

If you are in business or even at the very early stages of thinking about setting up, you should call LEO Louth to arrange a friendly chat about how they may be able to support you. They are happy for you to come into their offices in the Town Hall, Dundalk, or they can arrange to meet you at your premises.

The Office exists to stimulate economic and entrepreneurial activity in County Louth, and to develop local indigenous enterprise potential in the micro-business sector. Local Enterprise Offices' seek to harness collective effort across a broad spectrum of the local community with a view to generating a local economy of real strength and durability, through growth in employment and wealth as well as improved competitiveness. In order to achieve its objectives, the Local Enterprise Office Louth has a range of support instruments, both financial and non-financial, at its disposal to assist viable proposals for business start-up and expansion projects.

The specific mission of the Local Enterprise Office is to:

  • Stimulate and support the creation of economically sustainable niche micro-enterprise opportunities in the manufacturing, internationally traded services and highly innovative local traded services sectors through the promotion of an enterprise culture.
  • Provide information, advice, mentoring, management development and business counselling.
  • Initiate the formation of partnerships and alliances.
  • Foster local economic development.

The Local Enterprise Office Louth has initiated a number of focused support programmes for groups within the SME sector – among them a Women’s Business programme, a programme for Creative Enterprises, Food sector and Craft Business support structure along with a business Networking programme.

Talk to LEO Louth about how they can help you and your business by phoning 1890 202 303, or follow this link to view more information on LEO Louth