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Can I get funding for my heritage project from Louth County Council (now incorporating all Louth Local Authorities)?

Louth County Council does not, as some other county councils do, operate a community heritage grant scheme for voluntary groups. The Heritage Council and Louth LEADER do have roles in providing grants to community heritage projects. These would include payments for interpretation materials (e.g. heritage or wildlife panels), for publications or for holding public heritage events. Please contact the heritage office if you have a similar project in mind that you would like to discuss with the heritage officer.

Can I get funding for my forthcoming book on Louth's heritage?

See above and also the information on Heritage Council grants below. In previous years Louth County Council ran a grant scheme called 'PublishLouth'. It was closed down due to the fiscal crisis.

Can I get funding from Louth County Council to help manage a graveyard?

The Environment Section of Louth County Council traditionally employed some caretakers and also provides occasional small grants to a few local, community-based groups to help them to manage local graveyards, burial grounds or cemeteries.

Can I get funding for my heritage project from the Heritage Council?

The Heritage Council usually runs an annual community grant scheme. Due to very severe budgetary cuts over recent years The Heritage Council was not able to offer any public grants in 2013 but some grants were provided in 2014. The Heritage Council had only around €600,000 for Community Heritage Grants in 2015 and these were over-subscribed three times.  The deadline for applications in 2015 was Friday 20th March. It is not yet know if there will be any community grant scheme for 2016 but information will be put up here as soon as it is made available.  Click on the link below to open the grants page : Funding Open for Applications.


Heritage Council grants are available for projects under three themes: Currently these are:

  • Heritage Research
  • Heritage Management
  • Heritage Education, Communty and Outreach

Can I get funding to repair my house, my thatched roof, an old church?

Protected Structures
If you own a building which the elected members (the councillors) have added to the 'Record of Protected Structures' (RPS) in the relevant local (County or town) development plan, you may be able to get a conservation grant from Louth County Council. Protected Structures are listed in either the county or the relevant town development plan. For further information, please contact either your local planner or Angela Dullaghan, the Louth conservation officer, on 042 939 2924 or by email at Grants are not normally available for buildings that are not listed on the RPS.  

The Built Heritage Leverage Grants scheme ran available nationally for the first time in 2014 and was very successful. This scheme was not rerun in 2015, as the 2014 scheme was funded using receipts from the sell-off of the National Lottery.  It is not yet know if there will be any Built Heritage Leverage Grant scheme for 2016 but information will be put up here as soon as it is made available

Thatch Grants
The Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government runs a grant for owners of those thatched structures which are permanently lived in as primary dwellings (i.e. not pubs or holidays homes etc). For further details contact the Housing Grants Section, Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Government Buildings, Ballina, Co. Mayo. Tel: 096 24200 or Locall 1890 305030 and ask for a HA2T Memorandum and the HA1/90 Application Form.

The Heritage Council's 'Buildings at Risk' grant scheme
In previous years the Heritage Council provided annual grants for heritage buildings that are at serious risk of deterioration or loss under its 'Buildings at Risk' grant scheme. There has been no annual grant scheme since 2010, while the working of the scheme was being reviewed. Grants may be available for 2016, keep an eye on the Heritage Council's website for details. PLEASE NOTE that there is no possibility whatsoever of getting a retrospective grant for works already carried out!

Updated 13th October 2015