Industrial Heritage

Louth is a place of contradictions. Ireland's smallest county, it has the two biggest provincial towns in the State. Lying midway between Dublin and Belfast, the 'Wee County' is at the heart of the island's economy and is traversed for its entire length by the primary national road and rail links.

Louth gives the lie to the suggestion, often made, that only the North of Ireland was industrialised. Industries such as linen, leather work and chair manufacture, were once important in Drogheda and Ardee but most traces of these have now disappeared.

There are no canals within the county, though both the Boyne and Newry canals require access through Louth. Louth is rich in industrial heritage remains such as mills and railway bridges. A dry and sunny, easterly county, agricultural productivity is high and the county's farmland lends itself well to increasing specialisation and intensification.