Making a Donation

2017.29-33Frequently Asked Questions - Making a donation


I’d like to make a donation to the Museum, how do I do this?

The simplest way is to contact the Museum directly either by phone (042 9392999), via email at or simply writing to us at County Museum, Dundalk, Jocelyn Street, Dundalk.  Generally we arrange a meeting to discuss what items you are looking to donate to the Museum, this can take place in the Museum itself or at your home.  This varies depending on the size, nature and number of the items involved. 


What type of items are you interested in?

You’d be surprised!  Our collection policy covers the history of the county – and that includes its industrial, social, sporting, political and cultural history.  Among the items we have on display are an anchor, a needle, a motorbike, a ration book from the early 1950s, a washing machine and a telephone switchboard. 

What happens then?

All items undergo an initial inspection and are cleaned.  This is to maintain the item's physical condition as well as preventing the possibility of cross-contamination.  The item may then be held in storage or be readied for exhibition.  


Will my collection be placed on public display immediately?

Depending on need and plans some items may be used sooner than others. If an item is not used it is usually due to a set of circumstances that might apply at any one time.


What happens when a collection is donated to the Museum?

The collection is recorded, cleaned and conserved. If and when it is used in an exhibition it is prepared for that purpose.


How will my contribution by remembered?

Collections are usually named after the original owner e.g. the Tom/Mary Kelly collection, thus ensuring that the donor’s generosity is remembered for years to come. 


 How will my collection be used?

Items can be used in any one of four ways. They could be used:

 as part of an exhibition.

 in a publication

 to teach future generations about life as experienced by their ancestors.

 as part of our handling collection.