Water Quality

The Council has a duty under the EU Drinking Regulations to ensure that the quality of drinking water within the county meets certain standards. Intensive monitoring of water supplies in the county is carried out by the EPA on behalf of Louth County Council.



Louth County Council serves approximately 4,500 households (40% of rural population) with sewerage facilities through 17 public sewerage schemes located principally in the towns and villages throughout the county.

Application to connect to Local Authority Water/Sewerage Services

To ensure that supplies/services are not over utilised or interfered with, the Council regulates additions to the systems. All individuals or bodies must formally apply to connect and they must subsequently connect in a manner specified by the Council.

A water/sewerage connection generally attracts a fee and a Road Opening Licence will also be required in most cases. Details of the various fees may be obtained from the Sanitary Services Section of Louth County Council.

Application Form for Water Supply

Application Form for Sewerage Connection

Application Form for Road Opening Licence

List of Plumbers

List of Contractors