Licensing and the Fire Service

Throughout the year the Fire Service receives notification of applications to the courts for licences for various types of public premises. As a notice party to many types of licence applications the Fire Authority is requested to carry out inspections of premises and to be represented at the licence hearing to state if it has any objection to the licence being granted. The types of notifications the Fire Authority receives are:

  • Certificates of Registration
  • Excise Licences
  • Lottery Licences
  • Occasional Licences
  • Public Dance Hall Licences
  • Transfer of Licences
  • Restaurant Licences
  • Declaratory Licences
  • Ad-Interim Transfers


Event Licensing

Louth County Council Fire and Rescue Fire Service is a notifiable body as part of the planning process for large Events, Concerts, Parades e.t.c. The following are links to the relevant legislation that applies.

Fire safety Guides/Codes of Practice

These include:


Petroleum Licensing

Louth County Council Fire and Rescue Fire Services receives applications regarding petroleum licensing for petrol stations and petroleum stores throughout the county. Petroleum, for legislation/regulation purposes, is defined as being one of three Classes.

  • Class I Petrol Leaded & Unleaded
  • Class II Kerosene/paraffin
  • Class III Diesel/DERV/Central Heating Oil

The primary legislation in this area is the Dangerous Substances Act 1972 (DSA 1972) and various regulations detailed in the subsequent Statutory Instruments as detailed as follows.


Amendments to Petroleum Licensing Legislation

information on storage of petroleum.doc (size 37.4 KB)