Modern Day

With the wars of the late sixteenth century and the Plantation of the early seventeenth century, Louth, now in Leinster, found itself on a different border, with a 'more British' Ulster to its north, rather than being the English land on the edge of Gaelic Ulster. Since 1922 this border has had a formal, legal character, which has led to other problems, in the recent past. It has also separated places which traditionally share the rich cultural heritage of Oriel, in Irish language song and poetry and in music. The 'poets trails' wind across the border from south Armagh, into north Louth, reflecting the life and times of men like Peadar Ó Doirnín author of the nationally-known 'Úrchnoic Chill Mhic Cainte', referring to the Hill of Kane and Killen, near Dundalk.