Agreement of New Placenames

Upon granting of planning permission for multi unit housing and major infrastructure development a condition of planning requires the developer to agree a naming and numbering scheme with the Louth Local Authorities Placenames Committee.

As early as possible before commencing a proposed development, developers should make initial contact with the Planning Section in any of the three Louth Local Authorities.

An application form will be sent to the developer asking the following information:-

  • Contact details.
  • Details regarding proposed development
  • Three choices for a proposed name and reasons for choice of same
  • Proposed numbering scheme for housing development (if applicable)

The Placenames Committees recommendation to the Director of Services, Planning or Town Clerk either to accept one of the suggestions sought or make a recommendation that the developer review their choice, with suggestions advised.

Upon agreement, a letter of confirmation will issue to the developer confirming the name and townland to be used in the development numbering scheme and other details if applicable.