Recruitment to Louth County Council Fire and Rescue Services

Recruitment to above generally takes place on a needs basis and is generally recruited at Retained Firefighter level.  Competitions are undertaken to create a panel of suitable candidates, and if a vacancy becomes available during the lifetime of the panel (initially 12 months), the next available candidate from the panel can be processed to fill this vacancy.

Requirements of Post

A person interested in such a post should be in a position to operate in a roster that guarantees their availability for 6 days out of 8, i.e. 75% and live and work within a 5 minute response time of the particular Fire Station.  This must be confirmed by proof of their accommodation (utility bill/rent book) and a letter of release from any employer(s). It must be re-confirmed if accommodation or employment changes. 

Applicants must also have at least a full Category B licence or ideally a Recruitment Process Category C licence and must also maintain a level of health and fitness that is prescribed in published standards, for the duration of their employment in the Fire & Rescue Service. 

Recruitment Process

  • Advertisement in local papers and
  • Completion of Application Form
  • Psychometric Testing- to assess natural suitability
  • Ladders Test- supervised harnessed test on a 13.5m ladder
  • Claustrophobia Test- supervised 20 metre test in claustrophobia tunnel
  • Leg/Back Pull Strength Test – 117 kg or above
  • Grip Test – 35 kg with dominant hand and 33kg with subordinate hand
  • Interview- again to assess their suitability
  • Full Occupational Health Scheme Medical – Medical Standards for Recruitment to the Fire Service
  • Recruits Training Programme – intense 3 week training programme
  • Breathing Apparatus Training Programme – intense 2 week training programme (within 12 months of commencement of employment)
  • Ongoing specialised training and re-certification throughout your employment
  • Ongoing fitness testing and medicals throughout employment - Medical Standards for Retained Firefighters
  • Applicants should not wear spectacles or contact lenses and should also have an appropriate level of colour perception – further information is available in the medical standards recruitment document.

Applicants at application stage should ensure they will be available to commit to the Fire Service i.e. training, rostering etc.

Those interested in this area should prepare themselves accordingly

Rate of Pay for Retained Firefighters:

Annual Retainer0-2 years service: €7,895 per annum 
 3-5 years service: €8,773 per annum 
 5-10 years service: €9,838 per annum 
 10+ years service: €10,812 per annum 


Part-Time Fire Services Personnel – Hourly Rate of AttendanceDrillFIRE
1st HourSubsequent Hrs1st HourSubsequent Hrs
Rate per hour€20.83€41.66€20.83€83.32€41.66

Medical Standards for Recruitment to the Fire Service

Medical Standards for Retained Firefighters

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