Election of new Mayor and Deputy Mayor Drogheda Borough District

Election of new Mayor and Deputy Mayor Drogheda Borough District

18th June 2021 : The Drogheda Borough District Annual General Meeting took place on Monday 14th June.  The order of business of the AGM saw a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor elected by Drogheda Borough District Members as required under Section 36 of the Local Government Act 2001, as amended. 

The outgoing Mayor, Cllr Kevin Callan opened the AGM and thanked Councillors and officials for their assistance to him during the previous year.  Cllr Callan noted that this his third term serving as Mayor was not an ordinary year and had not been similar to previous terms due to Covid.  He particularly appreciated the people of Drogheda who were incredibly warm and supportive to him.  Mayor Callan thanked his fellow Drogheda Borough Council members for coming together and all working in common for the good of the people, noting that the pulling together of all parties during his term was incredibly worthwhile.

Members commended Mayor Callan on carrying out his role of Mayor during a very challenging and difficult year, and much praise was given to how Cllr Callan had facilitated and encouraged all members to work together to tackle difficult items.

Cllr Callan then called for nominations for his replacement and following election, Cllr James Byrne was called to the chair of Drogheda Borough District.

Cllr Callan wished the incoming Mayor well and vacated his seat to make way for Cllr James Byrne.

On taking the chair, new Mayor Cllr James Byrne, addressing the meeting both in Irish and in English, spoke of the huge privilege in taking up the role of 421st Mayor of Drogheda. He thanked Members for their support, Cllr Callan for his leadership in driving a united front over the past 12 months and said he looked forward to working with everyone during the year ahead.  Cllr James Byrne commenting that it was a great day for his family, thanked his wife Eimíle, his children Laurena and Cathal and all his family for their support.  Cllr Byrne’s father ‘Tommy’ was warmly remembered by Cllr Byrne and other members, as Cllr James Byrne advised that he would do his utmost to represent the town as first citizen of Drogheda. Mayor-Cllr-James-Byrne.pdf (size 238.1 KB)

Cllr Byrne then called for nominees for Deputy Mayor, and following election Cllr Declan Power was deemed elected Deputy Mayor in accordance with Section 37 of the Local Government Act.

On behalf of the Council Director of Services for Drogheda Borough District, Paddy Donnelly thanked Cllr Kevin Callan for his great work during his term of office, and welcomed Cllr James Byrne and Cllr Declan Power to their new positions.