Appointment of Consultants for Carlingford Regeneration Project

Louth County Council Announces Appointment of Design Team for Carlingford Regeneration Plan.

22nd June 2021: Following a competitive tender process Louth County Council has selected RPS Group Limited to develop a plan for the regeneration of Carlingford.  The project is funded through the Rural Regeneration Development Fund with match funding by Louth County Council.

The title of the project is “Living in Carlingford, Visiting Carlingford” and the brief is for RPS to develop a plan that will enhance the quality of the Waterfront area and Market Square and the connecting streets.  The aim is to enhance the connectivity and visual routes for pedestrians in the area with improved public spaces that can be used for a variety of events and activities.  The plan will not only improve the experience of visitors to the medieval town but also significantly enhance the lives of the residents living in the medieval town.  The plan will be forward looking seeking to develop a sustainable tourist destination and living town.

The design will incorporate;

  • The waterfront and harbour spaces, the tennis courts, village green, parking area, playing area and connecting streets
  • Market Square and linking streets to the waterfront including Market Street and the laneway connecting Market Square to Old Quay Lane.
  • A full traffic management plan for the historic town centre and connecting routes with a focus on addressing seasonal congestion and prioritising pedestrians
  • A signage and orientation plan for the historic town centre with bespoke signage for local and regional tourist attractions
  • A plan for the accommodation of casual traders in the town centre.

It is anticipated that the project will take approximately two and a half years to complete and will involve consultation with the local elected representatives, businesses, the public and all stakeholders.  Another key part of the project will be completion of the statutory planning process.

Joan Martin Chief Executive of Louth County Council stated “I am delighted to have the multidisciplinary design team in place to begin work on this exciting plan for Carlingford that will ensure that the town continues to be a key destination for visitors and a wonderful place to live for residents.  I am confident that we will have an ambitious and imaginative plan at the end of the process that has the support of the community and ensures the town develops in a sustainable way into the future”

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