N53 Hackballscross to Rassan - Publication of Options Selection Report

Louth County Council

N53 Hackballscross to Rassan – Scheme Update

Publication of Options Selection Report

Notice is hereby given that the Option Selection Report for the above Scheme is now complete and is available on the Louth County Council Website. Works are now commencing on further environmental studies and design of the preferred route.


Dated this 19th day of May 2020

Eugene McManus

Administrative Officer

Louth County Council

Infrastructure, Town Hall, Dundalk.

Email eugene.mcmanus@louthcoco.ie

5187353DG0033-rev-6---OptionSelectionReport.pdf (size 3.7 MB)

Appendix-A---Constraints-Copy-1.pdf (size 45.1 MB)

Appendix-B---Phase-2-Stage-1.pdf (size 24.6 MB)

Appendix-C---Phase-2-Stage-2.pdf (size 56.7 MB)

Appendix-D---Traffic-Report.pdf (size 1.8 MB)

Appendix-E---Economic-Appraisal.pdf (size 704.1 KB)

Appendix-F---Environmental-Appraisal.pdf (size 54.1 MB)

Appendix-G---Road-Safety-Audit.pdf (size 688.2 KB)

Appendix-H---Option-Cost-Estimate.pdf (size 361.3 KB)

Appendix-J---Multi-Criteria-Analysis.pdf (size 323.3 KB)

Appendix-K---Project-Appraisal-Balance-Sheet.pdf (size 61.6 KB)

Appendix-L---Emerging-Preferred-Route.pdf (size 8.4 MB)