Louth County Council improves bird and insect habitats across Dundalk

16th September, 2022: Louth County Council have introduced a number of measures to preserve natural habitats across the region. Working in collaboration with a local beekeeper, the Local Authority has established a small apiary located on the Riverside Walk area of Dundalk, as part of an initiative to improve food security and biodiversity across Co. Louth. Bees are essential to pollination, using their bodies' hairs to transport pollen between plants. The apiary was built to attract those bees that play such a significant role in maintaining healthy ecosystems.

 Louth County Council is aware that factors such as the use of pesticides and loss of vegetation can have a detrimental impact on bee habitation and therefore impacting on many other ecosystems. As a result, the Council is currently practicing includes reducing intensive grass cutting areas, re-wilding, establishing wildflower areas and the planting of spring bulbs to provide valuable nectar and pollen sources for early pollinators.

 It is hoped that these actions will contribute to the already valuable habitats along the town’s shores, creating a wildlife haven for nature enthusiasts.