The time has come to announce the retirement of two of our very hard working council staff!

Both of these employees, who are well known to you all, have served us well, and worked very hard over the last 20 years to encourage litter and waste prevention around the county.

While we have all grown to love these two characters very much, we feel,  sadly, that the time has now come to allow them to retire, and take a break from all their hard work!

With this in mind, we now need to recruit a new mascot, who will represent the county with pride, and promote environmental awareness, just as much as our two beloved friends have done.

So who better to decide on who this character should be than the children so beloved of ‘Auntie Litter Bug’ and ‘Robbie Recycle’!

If you have any ideas as to who you would like to see as the next ambassador for the environment in Louth, we are open to any and all suggestions, as long as it has an environmental theme!!

This is being put out as a competition to all the primary schools in the county, and the details are attached!

There are prizes for the winning schools and pupils to be won, as well as an opportunity to have your artwork published by Louth County Council.

We hope you will have fun designing this mascot, and indeed lots of more fun, when you finally get to meet him or her in person early next year!!

All we ask is that you get your entries back to us by Thursday 15th November 2017!

You can drop them into County Hall , send them to us by post, or email your entries to

Click here for more information in relation to the competition.