Grasp the Hearts - Arts Participation Support

Grasp The Hearts 

 Get involved, show your support for creative industries, #graspthearts

#GRASPTHEARTS is an art participation and support campaign in solidarity for Ireland's prolific creative industries across all genres, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Irish artists, musicians, theatre producers, writers and all other creative and culture producers, including vital behind the scenes supporting professions, are having more asked of them with less support than ever before.   

With a current call on our cultural services to aid in the "Healing of our Nation", it is clear that the sector, an  industry already on its knees, needs more support in these unprecedented times.   As our Government and support avenues come to terms with finding adequate solutions for the sector, it is beholden on us as creatives to continue our work, to educate, entertain and stimulate a locked down audience. 

It feels time to have a "show of hands" from within the sector, to once and for all, highlight the importance of our creative industries across our society, in terms of job provision, education, entertainment, tourism and annual financial and cultural revenue.

By creating this campaign we want to highlight the force of numbers working within the sector, which includes anybody from artists, musicians, writers, performers, curators, administrators, invigilators, framers, sound technicians and many many more. We call on all of them to participate in our 'show of hands' to create a 'grasp' on the reality of the numbers affected and issues as they currently stand.

​Your support and participation is greatly required!​ Click on link below for more details.