N2 Ardee to Casteblayney Rd Scheme - Emerging Preferred Route Corridor

Third Public Consultation on ‘Emerging Preferred Route Corridor’ on the N2 Ardee to Castleblayney Road Scheme

Following the publication of Route Corridor Options for the N2 Ardee to Castleblayney Road Scheme in November 2019, the N2 project team has considered the feedback received through the Option Selection process, and an Emerging Preferred Route Corridor is due to be published on Monday, 24th August 2020. A third period of non-statutory public consultation will commence on Tuesday 25th August and will run for 6 weeks.

An Emerging Preferred Route Corridor is the route option that has been assessed to have the best combination of benefits and impacts based on the criteria to be considered for road transport projects. The Emerging Preferred Route Corridor for the scheme will now go on public display from 6pm on the 24th August, and Monaghan County Council is seeking the public’s feedback through the public consultation process.

Registered landowners within the Emerging Preferred Route Corridor will receive an information pack with details of the Emerging Preferred Route Corridor and a submission form through the post, and a flyer will be delivered to properties within all Route Corridor Options on or after the 25th August 2020.

Due to the threat COVID-19 poses to human health, it is not planned to hold large scale public events as part of the Emerging Preferred Route Corridor public consultation process. In response to the COVID-19 restrictions, an online public consultation experience has been developed on the project website www.N2MonaghanLouth.ie - this will go live at 6pm on Monday 24th August 2020. This online public consultation experience will allow stakeholders and the general public to view maps, project information and express their opinion in a safe and accessible environment.

It is understood that online information cannot be accessed by everyone, and notwithstanding the restrictions COVID-19 presents, the project team is keen to engage with people through this public consultation. A range of options will be available to speak directly with and meet members of the Project Team during the public consultation period, including:

  • During the first 3 weeks of the public consultation period, 25th August – 11th September, members of the public can arrange meetings with a member of the Project Team by phone or using digital technologies.
  • During the second 3 weeks of the planned consultation period, 14th September – 2nd October, in-person meetings will be available by appointment at venues in Monaghan Town and Carrickmacross. These in-person meetings will allow for social distancing and will adhere to all COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions to safeguard the health of the public and staff.
  • Through the project phoneline, where members of the team will be available to give an overview of the project and answer general questions.
  • Email queries will be accepted throughout the public consultation period through the email address ArdeeCastleblayney@N2MonaghanLouth.ie.

Once the Emerging Preferred Route Corridor has been published, anyone affected or with an interest in the scheme is encouraged to make an appointment to speak with or meet the Project Team by contacting the project phoneline on 087 340 3786 or through the project website www.N2MonaghanLouth.ie. Submissions can be made electronically or by FREEPOST up until 5th October 2020.

Following the Emerging Preferred Route Corridor public consultation, feedback and submissions will be considered by the N2 Project Team, any necessary amendments to the corridor will be made and then Preferred Route Corridor will then be finalised and published. At this stage the ‘Option Selection Report, which includes all information relating to the assessment of the Route Corridor Options and the selection of the Preferred Route Corridor will be published. Stakeholders and the general public will be kept informed as part of Monaghan and Louth County Council’s commitment to ongoing and considered stakeholder engagement. Updates, news and details will be posted on the website www.N2MonaghanLouth.ie and through local media.

N2-Ardee-to-Castleblayney-Road-Scheme---Public-Consultation-3.pdf (size 1.2 MB)