Energy Awareness Day 2016

Show you Care!    Be Energy Aware!

Energy Awareness Day on Thursday 16th June:

We all know the benefits of reducing our energy consumption both in terms of environmental sustainability and cost savings but how many of us really know all the little tips that will help us become more energy efficient in our daily lives?

Louth County Council’s (LCC) Energy Awareness Day was held on Thursday 16th June in Town Hall, Dundalk and was a great success.

Members of the public, staff and Councillors dropped by and took part in the “Watt Challenge” to see how they could generate electricity by Pedal Power.

While there, they visited the “Watts it all About?” interactive stand which allows you to see firsthand how much energy everyday appliances consume and how savings can be achieved.  Mentors and advisors were on hand to answer questions on saving energy in the home and the workplace. 

LCC now has a dedicated European and Sustainable Energy Department who hosted this event and are always happy to deal with any queries or indeed ideas you may have for Sustainable Energy Management.  For more information email or phone 042-9353130.

Reduce your household and your community carbon footprint by learning how to manage your energy better!

Energy Savings at LCC:

LCC continuously strives to improve its energy performance while providing valuable services to citizens. LCC is well placed to achieve the Government’s National Energy Efficiency Action Plan, whereby a target of 33% energy efficiency improvement is to be achieved by all Irish public bodies by 2020. Annual Report 2015 on Public Sector Energy Performance.

It is timely, during EU Sustainable Energy week, that LCC’s Facilities Management and Sustainable Energy Office have combined their efforts to fit new LED street lamps at County Hall, Dundalk. The new 35-Watt LED lamps replaces the original 100-Watt SON lamps, reducing energy usage by 65%  or over 8,300kWh, while also reducing carbon emissions by 4,300kgCO2 per annum.

This is one of many initiatives implemented by LCC promoting Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development, for more information please see


 Energy awareness 2016 photo