Louth County Council's Energy Use

We identified the Significant Energy Users (SEUs) of the Council's Energy;

The SEUs energy is carefully monitored and a Committee comprising of representatives from those SEUs was established and meets regularly;

The Council's SEUs are as follows:

  • Public Lights
  • County Hall
  • Dundalk Town Hall
  • Council Transport Fleet

Energy Use from the Council's SEUs for 2017 is shown in Table 1.

Table 1


  1. 70% of Energy Use is typically by the top 5 energy users;
  2. An energy user is anything that uses energy - in the domestic home situation for example, an energy user might be heating hot water, or space heating (i.e. heating of rooms or spaces) - those energy users can then be further divided into particular users e.g. hot water heating by a washing machine, or hot water heating for showers etc.);
  3. Classifying energy use by identifying energy users assists to enable improved management of energy;