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The Energy Office Louth Co Co

Louth County Council established a new Energy Team in June 2014, as part of a new Directorate called Cross Border, European Affairs and Sustainable Energy. It’s focus is to re establish the County as an energy leader among Local Authorities in Ireland and to develop expertise in sustainable energy within the region. The new office also provides a great opportunity to develop funding applications for revenue generation in the County. The office is committed to embed energy management into every section of the County Council and to achieve ongoing and sustained reductions in the amount of energy used to deliver the local authority’s services and to seek to maximise the efficiency of energy it can influence in the county.

The Energy Team members have a wide range of experience in technical, administrative and professional skills and have begun to develop best practice initiatives in sustainable energy management for the corporate body of Louth County Council and SMEs in County Louth.


Louth County Council Energy Projects for 2017/2018 include the following:

Better Energy Communities 2018

SEAI will offer €28 million in grant supports for community energy projects in 2018. The scheme has supported 300 community energy efficiency projects over the last 5 years. As a result over 15,000 homes and hundreds of community, private and public buildings have received energy efficiency upgrades, supporting several hundred jobs each year. Louth has benefited from this scheme over the past number of years and the Energy Office is seeking funding again this year 2018 for various community energy projects within the county.

ISO 50001:2011 - Energy Management System

ISO 50001 is an Energy management system based on a model of continual improvement. This makes it easier for organisations to integrate energy management into their overall efforts to improve quality and environmental management. Louth County Council have been awarded this standard in February 2018. 

ISO 50001 picture

Optimising Power @ Work

Optimising Power @ Work is the OPW’s state-wide staff energy awareness campaign.

The overall aim is an ambitious one, to help accelerate reduction of energy use, cutting energy bills and helping the delivery of the 33% energy reduction target for Ireland’s Public Sector buildings. Louth County Council is an active participant in the scheme.

Energy expenditure

The Council’s Energy Team monitors and records energy expenditure, including dealing with procurement matters. The Council intends to maximise the opportunity for technical advice in liaising with the Office of Government Procurement in order to minimise energy expenditure and to maximise the opportunities for the county. The dedicated Team will liaise with other sections within Louth County Council to maximise cost efficiencies and in particular to maximise the opportunities to generate improved revenue from Energy Projects e.g. pubic lighting and old landfill sites in the county.

Energy Committee

The Energy Committee within Louth Council will be re-established in 2015 with the role of maximising energy efficiencies within all Louth County Council Infrastructure in accordance with the targets set out in the National Energy Action Plan. The energy committee enables the Council to identify energy savings and to promote those savings with other stakeholders in the county to improve energy efficiencies. The committee will also enable the Council to maximise the opportunities for innovation and creativity from the energy industry in the region arising from the Council’s energy compliance requirements.

Louth Economic Forum

The Council’s energy team is working closely with Louth Economic Forum, under the chairmanship of Martin Cronin, to deliver a six point plan for the Energy Task Group of Louth Economic Forum. That plan is focused on increasing jobs in the energy sector in the county and promoting the county as the best place to do business.