PV Panels at County Hall Dundalk

LED - New Solar PV Panels in Louth County Council

In order to meet our national energy efficiency targets, Louth County Council is shifting towards more sustainable energy use – we have identified our significant energy users (responsible for some 80% of our energy consumption). The County Hall is one such significant energy user requiring 285,446KW Hours of electricity in 2016.

In addition to developing our energy efficiency measures, we are investing in energy improvement works to drive down our energy costs and to reduce our carbon footprint and thereby our impact on the environment.

The new solar photo voltaic panels generate 11KW of electricity. They are expected to generate some 8,500KW hrs of electricity of some 3% of the annual energy use in County Hall.

The project is one of a number of energy projects undertaken as part of a grant funded by Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, under it’s Better Energy Communities Programme.

The solar panels are one of a number of projects being undertaken by the Council in 2017 towards achieving its 33% energy reduction target for public sector authorities in Ireland. Currently, the Council is slightly ahead of that 33% target.

As part of this initiative it is intended to provide an energy display panel where staff can see the energy generated and relate that to their daily energy use. This measure is expected to generate enough electricity to power the lights in the Council’s car park for the year and to contribute some 50% of the Council’s existing lighting energy use.