The Goals of the Greenway

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The main objective, is to enable more sustainable mobility on a cross-border basis resulting in reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions. The current situation is that 2.7% of cross-border commuters journey to/from work or education by cycling or walking and the Interreg programme aims to increase this to 10% by 2023. The Carlingford Lough Greenway project seeks to 'convert' cross-border car commuters to cycle or walk to work or education on a more regular basis. Additionally, through implementing a Greenway Activity Programme, local businesses, schools and residents, 1,500 participants will be encouraged to respond to Programme activities under the themes of Sustainable Transport, Active Travel, Healthy Living and Social Cohesion.

The project aims to deliver 10.1 km of new cross-border greenway from Newry in Northern Ireland to Carlingford in Ireland by December 2019 (5.2 km is in Northern Ireland and 4.9 km is in the Republic of Ireland).

The route is as follows:

  • From the South side Albert Basin in Newry to Victoria Lock - 3.5 km
  • From Victoria Lock to the border - 1.7 km
  • From the border to Omeath - 3.6 km
  • From Carlingford Marina to Carlingford town - 1.3 km

Greenway Before and AfterThe project contains a Greenway Activity Programme to raise awareness of the benefits of walking and cycling for regular everyday commuter journeys.

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