Louth County Council Decade of Centenaries Programme 2021

Local Legacies 1921/2021

The Community Strand of the 2021 Decade of Centenaries Programme

The objectives of the Decade of Centenaries Programme for 2021-2023 are as follows:

  • To focus on themes of remembrance and reconciliation and on the commemoration of all of those who lost their lives during this period
  • To promote a deeper understanding of the significant historical events of this period, which recognises that the shared historical experiences of those years gave rise to very different narratives and memories
  • To encourage reflection about the multiple identities, traditions and perspectives that are part of the overall Irish historical experience
  • To respond with sensitivity to the local historical context, acknowledging that there was no uniform experience within counties or across the island of Ireland; and
  • To continue to promote a consultative and open approach to commemorations, which seeks to strengthen peace and reconciliation across the island of Ireland.. A core element of reconciliation is acknowledgement of the legitimacy of all of the traditions on the island that draw their identity and collective memory from our shared history.

Catherine Martin T.D., Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport, and Media, has approved a funding allocation of €50,000 for every local authority in 2021 under the Community Strand of the Decade of Centenaries programme.

This allocation will support the development of community-led commemorative initiatives in 2021, in remembrance of this complex and challenging period in our history. It will also allow for advance planning of commemorative initiatives for 2022.

The Louth Local Authority programme for 2021 includes:

Historian in Residence, with Louth Library Service
Primary school reading project, with Louth Library Service
Commemorative Tree planting - Omeath, County Louth
Conservation and digitisation of Louth valuation books, with Louth Archives Services
Film on Dundalk Gaol, with Louth Archives Service
Drogheda 1921/Drogheda 2021, Artist in residence with High Lanes Gallery
Sisters/Mothers/Wives, community arts project with An Táin Arts Centre

Historian in Residence

We are delighted to announce Dr. Thomas Tormey as Louth County Council's Historian in Residence for 2021/22. Dr. Tormey discusses the role with Librarian Barry Smith. Watch this conversation via the video below (you may need to accept cookies in order to view the video).

Upcoming Events

Previous Events

'Border 100' Histories & Reflections - A Virtual Symposium

Historian in Residence for 2021, Dr Thomas Tormey has curated an informative, stimulating symposium, featuring many of the brightest, most renowned historians and academics from Ireland, and further afield. Lectures and panel discussions will cover the partition of Ireland 100 years ago and its effect on border communities.


These talks are:

'The Widening Gyre?' The Altnaveigh Killings in context by Tim Wilson

The Catholic Church and the Foundation of the Northern Ireland State by Mary Harris

Farewell to County Down: Hugh Halpenny, Annie Rice and consequences of republican activism, 1914-1923 by Eunan O'Halpin: 

A Panel Discussion on the Boundary Commission:

The Church of Ireland, Irish Anglicans, and Partition - A Panel Discussion: 

Understanding the Orange Order and Partition by Dexter Govan

Constitutional Nationalism and Partition by Colin Reid: 

Partition: Ireland and Poland Compared by Róisín Healy: 

Political Propaganda: The 'Frontier State' in the writings of Dorothy Macardle by Leean Lane: 

The Trade Unions and Partition by Peter Rigney: 

"The South and not the North is responsible for Partition" (James Craig, 1923), How the Border became a Land Frontier 1921-24 by Donal Hall: 

The North in Southern Politics - a Panel Discussion: 

Teaching the Nation's Past: Irish History in Secondary Schools, 1922-69

Join actor and historian Dr. Colm MacGearailt as he discusses the teaching of Irish History in our secondary schools from 1922-1969 with our Historian in Residence, Dr. Thomas Tormey. This is a bilingual lecture and should appeal to teachers and students alike.


Irish Women and The Great War

Join Dr. Fionnuala Walsh, Assistant Professor in Modern Irish History, UCD, as she discusses the impact of the Great War on the lives of women in Ireland and of the vital - but often overlooked - involvement in the war effort. The talk will be hosted by Louth Library Service's Historian in Residence Dr. Thomas Tormey.

Irish Actors on an Imperial Stage: Grappling with the Legacies on an Empire

Join Dr. Timothy McMahon of Marquette University, Wisconsin, as he discusses some of the ongoing debate about how Irish men and women engaged with the British (and other) empires in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Dr. McMahon will highlight some of the actions that helped build and manage imperial structures and the fitful ways in which Irish nationalisms helped undermine those structures as well

Bernard O'Hanlon and his part in the War of Indepence

Join Louth Library Service as our Historian in Residence, Dr. Thomas Tormey, gives a talk on Bernard O'Hanlon and his part in the Battle of Brunswick Street in 1921 as well as tying the event into the national narrative.

Bernard O'Hanlon was from Dundalk, County Louth but died in Dublin in March 1921 during the War of Independence. He was an IRA Volunteer and was attached to the 3rd Battalion, C Company, Dublin Brigade. When auxiliaries attempted to raid the Battalion HQ at 144 Brunswick Street, Dublin - which is now Pearse Street - Bernard and some other volunteers engaged them in a fire-fight. He was later found dead along with his revolver, at just c. 18 years of age.

Valuation Books Project

Louth County Archives Valuation Books Project involves the conservation and digitisation of Louth Valuation Books. Once completed these books will be available to read online


Women of Independence - An Táin Arts Centre

"Women of Independence" is a filmed theatrical performance that presents the real life experiences of four Irish women during the War of Independence through a cast of community actors. Produced by An Táin Arts Centre in association with Upstate Theatre Project "Women of Independence" is Part II of the Remembrance Trilogy and the follow-up to "An Easter Service" (2016).

Filming: 18-24 October