Housing Grants

Housing Grants Scheme

The Housing Authority provide funding for the following grants:-

  • Housing Adaptation Grants, where works are required to facilitate any special needs.
  • Housing for Older Persons, where urgent remedial works are required to privately owned properties.
  • Mobility Aid Grant for minor adaptations or aids to a property.


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Disability Adaptation to Stock

In cases where the needs of our tenants require physical adaptations to their dwellings, the tenant may apply to the housing authority to have this work undertaken.
The application form below should be completed. All applications will be assessed to ensure that all rent is paid, and to consider whether a transfer would be an appropriate solution. An Occupational Therapist will then assess the tenant and recommend any works that can be undertaken, subject to budget being available.

DPA's Application Form 2019.docx (size 1.3 MB)


Improvement Works In Lieu Of Local Authority Housing

Under this scheme, Louth County Council may improve or extend a privately owned house to eliminate defects or to provide additional accommodation where this is necessary to eliminate overcrowding or to accommodate a person not at present residing in the house. To qualify, you must be an approved applicant on the waiting list and the carrying out of the works must satisfy your housing needs and result in your removal from the housing waiting list.

The scheme can also be availed of if you are a Local Authority tenant or tenant purchaser, or a tenant for more than one year of a house provided by a voluntary housing body under the Rental Subsidiary Scheme, and you return your present house and move to private rented houses. Persons benefiting under the scheme are required to pay a weekly or monthly charge related to their means and the cost of the works carried out by the Local Authority.