PEACEPLUS is a new European Union funding programme designed to support peace and prosperity across Northern Ireland and the border counties of Ireland, building upon the work of the previous PEACE and INTERREG Programmes. The design reflects the importance of peace-building activity, but also the importance of actions that will contribute positively to the economy, building prosperity and adjusting to the new environment and challenges we face.

It is due to be launched in the next few months. Locally PEACEPLUS is supported by Louth County Council and Louth Local Community Development Committee (LCDC). The PEACEPLUS Programme is managed by the Special European Programmes Body (SEUPB).

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The PEACEPLUS Partnership

The Louth PEACEPLUS Partnership will provide oversight of the co-design process, development and submission of the PEACEPLUS Action Plan and its’s subsequent implementation. The PEACEPLUS Programme will enable and empower local community partnerships, led by the Council to select and deliver priority projects on a across community basis, which will result in shared and inclusive local services, facilities and spaces and make a significant and lasting contribution to peace and reconciliation.

The three core themes of the PEACEPLUS Programme are:

  1. Local community regeneration and transformation;
  2. Thriving and peaceful communities;
  3. Building respect for all cultural identities.


The initial aim of this Partnership is the preparation of PEACEPLUS Action Plan for County Louth setting out strategic responses to locally identified needs as determined within the parameters of the three themes of the PEACEPLUS Programme. 


The Partnership is also responsible for the implementation of PEACEPLUS Action Plan and includes the monitoring and evaluation of this plan over the lifetime of the PEACEPLUS Programme.


The PEACEPLUS Action Plan will include the management of PEACEPLUS co-design sessions specific to agreed areas / themes. These sessions will facilitate local people to co-design a schedule of priority projects which will feed into the overall Louth PEACEPLUS Action Plan.


The Louth PEACEPLUS Partnership will ensure that the co-designed PEACEPLUS Action Plan will be a targeted and locally based response to the needs that have been identified in the PEACEPLUS Programme.

Useful Contact Information:

The Peace Plus team:
042 932 4240