Ice house Hill Park

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The site was once part of Dundalk House demesne, which no longer exists.  Dundalk House was once owned by the Earl of Clanbrassil who was responsible for laying out much of the town in the eighteenth-century. 


 Ice house hill park is  located approximately 650m to the northwest of the town centre and 700m from Dundalk Bay, Special Area of Conservation / Proposed Natural Heritage Area


The original ice house is thought to have been constructed in 18 century as part of a demesne built for Mr James Hamilton. The ice house survives in the park today. The ice house consists of vaulted chambers to north and south linked via passageway with flight of cut limestone entrance steps to the east.


Ice House Hill Park is C 8.ha.  The original park layout was criss-crossed by desire line pathways worn into the ground by constant use


The key recreational activities of the park include: relaxation, walking, dog walking, jogging, cycling, informal sports and activities.

The restoration of Ice House Hill Park is the outcome of a unique link-up between the private and public sectors. Work began on the park in early 1995. The project was generously funded by Martin Naughton of Glen Dimplex with the land having been provided by Dundalk Town Council



  • Mature trees with bird nesting boxes
  • Bat box
  • Flower bed
  • Wildlife pond
  •  Spring bulbs collection
  • Picnics benches