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Please complete a separate application form in respect of each proposal

Closing Date 7th March 2022


In recognition of the achievements of the dedicated volunteers of our Tidy Towns Groups across our county, Louth County Council is delighted to announce its funding scheme for groups to carry out small scale capital type improvement works in their town or village during 2022.

Projects should reflect at least one of the National Tidy Towns categories and indicate how the proposed works will contribute to potentially increased marks in the particular category of the competition. The total fund available in 2022 is €80,000.

2022 Scheme

As part of the Council’s commitment to strengthening participation in community led development the Tidy Towns Project Scheme 2022 will focus on improving the marks awarded to participating groups in both the national Tidy Towns competition and local competitions.

Projects must demonstrate adherence to and compliance with the public health advice and regulations on COVID 19 throughout the proposed project works, compliance with restrictions must be followed at all times.

Projects will be required to commence by the end of March/beginning of April 2022 and be completed by the end of November 2022.

All projects must be tax compliant under the 2022 scheme.

A total of €80,000 is available for projects in 2022 with full drawdown of the grant expected by year end. Groups may submit a maximum of two projects for consideration. Each project cannot exceed a request for €9,000 in funding.

Application Process

The Tidy Towns Project Scheme2022 will be funded by Louth County Council and administered through the Community Section of the Council.

Selection of projects will be by means of a competitive process.  Final project selection will be made by the Community Section on the basis of proposals submitted by the groups.  Applications must be submitted by 7th March 2022.

Types of Activities

As indicated earlier, a general objective of the Tidy Towns Project Scheme is that projects should increase marks awarded in local and national competitions, and this should be demonstrated in your application form. Measures which are undertaken should have a sustainable and visible impact on the area.

The following are indicative types of activities that can be supported (the list is not exhaustive)

  • Provision /enhancement of leisure amenities
  • Tourism initiatives
  • Particular weight will be given to projects that will make your area more sustainable and reduce your environmental impact.
  • Projects that will enhance the public realm
  • Projects with a strong Biodiversity/Pollinator friendly or Climate Change theme. (Any Tidy Towns group wishing to discuss possible Bio-Diversity projects is encouraged to contact Louth County Council’s Heritage Officer, Brendan McSherry Brendan.McSherry@louthcoco.ie)

Selection Criteria

The following is a guide to the criteria which will be applied by the Community Section in the selection process:

  • Successful proposals will include works which demonstrate clear positive impacts on increasing marks awarded under competition categories
  • Successful proposals will demonstrate consistency with adopted Tidy Towns or other local plans for the area
  • All project proposals will outline the consultation process followed with local community and business interests
  • All project proposals will have been successfully negotiated with relevant council Area Engineer and Planning Section, if relevant
  • Additional weighting will be given to projects that make your area more sustainable and reduce your environmental impact, or demonstrate Biodiversity/Pollinator friendly or Climate Change benefits.
  • Value for money

Grant Level

Up to 90% of the total cost of the project under the Tidy Towns Project Scheme may be provided for an individual project.  The minimum grant which is available is €3,000 and the maximum grant is €9,000.

Up to 5% of the total cost may be provided in the form of “in kind” contribution, to recognise the level of volunteerism in Tidy Towns groups.

A minimum cash contribution of 5% will also be required.

Tidy Towns groups may submit a maximum of two separate projects for consideration.

Scoring Framework


Maximum Score


Quality threshold

Demonstration of clear positive impact on increasing marks awarded under competition categories






Consistency with adopted Tidy Towns plan or other  local plans/health check






Consultation process with local community and business interests and Louth County Council Area staff (if relevant)






Value for Money






Sustainability, Biodiversity  and reduction in your environmental impact





Overall enhancement of your area








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