Amenity Grant Scheme 2021

Amenity Grant Scheme Guidelines 2021

Groups applying for the amenity grants must demonstrate adherence to and compliance with the public health advice and regulations on COVID 19 on any proposed plans of work, compliance with restrictions must be followed at all times.


Louth County Council’s annual Amenity Grant Scheme recognises the level of voluntary works being carried out by residents/community/environmental associations/groups on an annual basis to better their environment.

These activities mean that Louth continues to be a better place in which to live, work and visit. It also ensures that Louth continues to feature prominently in various national competitions.

Works carried out by groups can include from time to time, both construction work and non construction work. This Amenity grant scheme does not apply to any type of construction projects and applies only to routine works or activities.

Therefore any type of Construction project is not eligible under this scheme.

Scheme Eligibility

All groups applying for the scheme must be voluntary in nature and tax compliant. (Tax registration/clearance certificates will be required from eligible groups).

 All groups applying for the scheme must have a separate group bank account.

 The following are some of the groups that will be considered under the scheme:

A Community Group- in this instance, is defined as a group of people who work for the benefit of the public, whose primary purpose is the carrying out of works to enhance or maintain their immediate living environment. Community groups may follow a set structure and adopt principles and codes of conduct which it wishes the community to follow.

 Residents Associations – is defined as a group of local peopleliving in a housing estate, street or apartment complex in a particular area that come together to promote and enhance the living environment of the area and to ensure that the area is well represented when dealing with local and statutory bodies

 An Environmental group – is defined as a group of people engaged with conservation/ environmental activities whose primary purpose is the carrying out of works to protect, maintain or enhance their immediate environment against misuse or disrepair from human/other forces. 

 A Tidy Towns Group – is defined as a group of people from a particular geographical area all sharing the common objective of working to sustain and improve their own area and who intend to enter the National Tidy Towns Competition annually.

Types of Activities Eligible Under The Scheme

The routine works or activities are expected to achieve, an overall improvement in the environmental status of the area and may include some/all of the following activities:

  • Cleaning, tidying, painting, removal of weeds, litter picking, grass cutting & general gardening and maintenance
  • Presentation of gardens, properties or open spaces, planting of trees, shrubs or flowerbeds
  • Painting/maintenance of seating areas, flowerbeds, edging of lawns/pavements, hedge trimming
  • Amenity projects, Bio-diversity projects, litter control projects

Successful proposals will include works which demonstrate clear positive impacts on the immediate environment.

The Application Process

All applicants seeking their proposal to be considered under the scheme, must ensure it is submitted on the official Application Form and on or before the specified closing date/time.

The application may be accompanied by supporting documentation including photographs (before/after), drawings, etc.

Assistance may be financial and/or advisory, under the scheme.

The assistance to be given by Louth County Council to any particular project proposal/activity will have regard to the following:

  • the resources of the Local Authority
  • the number and extent of applications received
  • the level of voluntary contributions
  • the number of persons involved and
  • the overall effect/impact of the proposal/activity on its immediate environment.

Groups wishing to be considered for assistance under the scheme must:

  • (a) Formulate a detailed plan for the particular proposed project/ activity.
  • (b) Specify the type of assistance required from Louth County Council.
  • (c) Specify the type and extent of sponsorship/fundraising/grants from other sources available to the group.
  • (d) Indicate the time scale involved in implementing and completing the proposal.
  • (e) Include in proposals how to maintain the proposed project or activity once completed.
  • (f) Keep and submit to Louth County Council all expenditure receipts, upon request.
  • (g) Hold and submit an up to date tax registration or tax clearance certificate, to Louth County Council.


Grants will normally be paid in two parts, however in certain cases, grant instalments may be paid, as deemed appropriate, as the proposed work proceeds.

Groups are required to retain all receipts, related to your proposal expenditure, should they be required to submit for inspection.

This is to comply with the governance requirement of the NOAC Public Spending Code which requires us to provide due diligence on all of our grant expenditure.


Resident Associations Online Application

The purpose of this grant is to assist residents associations to improve/enhance the area they live in


Community Group Online Application

The purpose of this grant is to assist Community groups to enhance the area they live/work within.


Tidy Towns Online Application

The purpose of this grant is to assist Tidy Towns groups in their efforts to improve their town or village and facilitate its participation in the National Tidy Towns competition.


If  you would prefer to download Application Forms you can do so below and submit to

Click here to download application forms for the Amenity Grant Scheme 2021 - Residents Associations

Click here to download application forms for the Amenity Grant  Scheme 2021 - Community Group

Click here to download application forms for the Amenity Grant Scheme 2021 - Tidy Town Group

Contact with any queries

Well done to the  following groups received funding from the Amenity Grant 2021 Scheme:




Anneville Crescent Res Association

Arda Raith Wood Res Assoc Tullyallen

Ard na Mara Res Assoc, Clogherhead

Ashfield Drogheda Res Assoc

Aston Village Grass Commitee, Drogheda

Ballsgrove Res Assoc, Drogheda

Ballypark Res Assoc, Drogheda

Beaulieu View Res Assoc

Beaubec Management, Drogheda

Belvedere Res Assoc, Drogheda

Boyne Hall & Boyne Close Res Assoc, Drogheda

Brookville Park Res Assoc, Drogheda

Castleview Res Assoc, Clogherhead

Castlewood Res Assoc, Drogheda

Cedarfield Res Assoc, Drogheda

Chord Road & Environs Res Assoc

College Rise Committee

Five Oaks Residents Association

Forest Hill Res Assoc

Forest Grange Res Assoc

Georgian Close Res Assoc

Glenmore Drive Res Assoc

Glenwood Abbey Res Assoc

Gort Uaine Res Assoc

Harmony Heights Res Assoc

Lavin Park, Tullyallen

Liscorrie Res Assoc

Longwood Res Assoc

Matson Lodge Res Assoc

Meadow View Res assoc

Moneymore Est Mgt Committee

Newfield Res Assoc

Oaklawns Res Assoc

O’Donnell Park Res Assoc, Clogherhead

Orchard Villas Res Assoc, Termonfeckin

Oriel Cove Res Assoc, Clogherhead

Priory Lodge Res Assoc, Termonfeckin

Rathmullen Park, Drogheda

Riverview, Drogheda

Ship Street Res Assoc, Drogheda

Silk Park Res Comm, Drogheda

Stameen Res Assoc, Droheda

St Finian’s Park, Drogheda 3/42344

Termon Abbey Res Assoc, Drogheda

The Glen Res Assoc, Tullyallen

The Paddocks Res Assoc, Termonfeckin

Trinity Gardens Res Assoc, Drogheda

Wheaton Hall Res Assoc, Drogheda

Whitethorn Res Assoc

Woodford Res Assoc

Yellowbatter Res Assoc, Drogheda



CEI Rapid Estates, Moneymore 

Connect FRC, Moneymore

Drogheda Allotment Project

Killineer Safety & Env Res Group

Tullyallen across the Glen

Townrath Environment Group


Baltray & District Res Assoc Tidy Towns

Clogherhead Development Group Tidy Towns

Drogheda Tidy Towns 

Monasterboice Tourism & Tidy Towns

Tullyallen Tidy Towns







Ashwalk RA, Ardee


Beechwood Drive Res Assoc, Dunleer


Bellingham Green RA, Castlebellingham


Cappocksgate Res Assoc


Castleview Res Assoc, Tallanstown


Cherrywood Park Res Assoc, Tallanstown


Chestnut Grove, Tallanstown


Cloughan Bridge Res Assoc, Ardee


Dawsons Demense/Campbells Park Res Assoc


De La Salle Crescent & Mulladrillen Res Assoc


Doire-Beag Res Assoc, Collon


Ferdia Park Res Assoc, Ardee


Garaban Res Assoc, Readypenny


Glyde Road Res Assoc, Tallanstown


Glydeview Res Assoc,Tallanstown


Heathergate Court Res Assoc, Ardee


Knockfergus Res Assoc, Louth Village


Louth Hall Cottages Res Assoc, Tallanstown


Orchards RA, Dunleer


Oriel Heights, Collon


Papal Drive Res Assoc, Collon


Rathbrist Cottages, Res Assoc Tallanstown


Rathgory Res Assoc


Reaghstown Tenants Res Assoc, Ardee


Riverbank Res Assoc, Ardee


Rockfield RA, Ardee


School Lane Res Assoc, Dunleer


Seaview Res Assoc, Annagassan


Sliabh Breagh Res Assoc, Ardee


St Nicholas Drive, Stabannon


St Marys Villas, Kilsaran


St Oliver’s Park Res Assoc, Kilsaran


Tierney Avenue Res Assoc


Wheatfields Res Assoc, Stabannon


Woodgrove Heights Res Assoc, Dunleer


Woodlands Res Assoc, Dunleer





Philipstown Community Centre

Darver Community Centre Ltd

Dunleer Community Development Board



Ardee Tidy Towns Committee

Castlebellingham/Kilsaran Env Comm TT

Collon Tidy Towns

Dunleer Tidy Towns

Louth Village Tidy Towns

Reaghstown Tidy Towns

Stabannon Tidy Towns

TADCO, Annagassan Tidy Towns





Abbey Court Residents Assoc., Carlingford

Ard Easmuinn Residents Association, Dundalk

Ard na Mara Res Association, Blackrock

Ashbrook Res Association, Dundalk

Avondale/Meadow View Res Association

Beechpark Res Association, Blackrock

Belfry Gardens Res Assoc, Dundalk

Belfry Park Res Association, Dundalk

Bother Bui RA, Omeath

Borderway RA, Dundalk (c/o Oriel Mgt Co)

Boyle O’Reilly Res Group, Dundalk

Castle Park Comm Dev Group, Dundalk

Cairlinn Mgt Co, Dundalk

Castleross Res Association, Dundalk

Church View Res Assoc., Dromiskin

Clann Chullain Res Association, Dundalk

Clermont Manor Res Association, Blackrock

Clos Aodhan, (Saltown) Dundalk

Clos Croinn (Saltown Phase 5) Dundalk

Clos Cormac, Dundalk

Clos na Manach Res Association, Carlingford

Cluain na Mara Res Association, Omeath

Cooley Park Comm Group, Dundalk

Drive 1 Residents, Muirhevnamore

Dundalk Sheltered Housing Carroll Mead

Dunmor Residents Association, Dundalk

Farndreg Res Association, Dundalk

Fatima Res Assoc., Dundalk

Ferns Res Assoc, Blackrock

Garrybawn RA, Dundalk

Glenwood Res Association, Dundalk

Grange Drive RA, Muirhevnamor, Dundalk

Greenfield Court/Ashbrook Avenue

Greenwood Drive Res Association, Dundalk

Kilgar RA, Dundalk

Kingswood Res Association, Dundalk

Langfield Res Association





Laurel Brook Gardens Res Association, Dlk

Lennon Melia Terrace, Dundalk

Lennonstown Manor, Dundalk

Lisdoo Res Association, Dlk

Lisheen Park RA, Knockbridge

Lios na Ri Res Assoc., Dlk

Lis na Dara Res Assoc., Dlk

Lisroland View Res Assoc., Dlk

Little Mills Res Assoc., Dlk

Loughantarve, Knockbridge Mgt Co.,Dundalk

Lough Tain Res Assoc., Omeath

Mariner’s Court Res Assoc., Blackrock

Marys Court Res Assoc., Dundalk

Mayfield Drive Res Assoc, Haggardstown

Meadow Grove Tidy Estate Group, Dundalk

Mountain Court Res Assoc., Dundalk

Mountain View Cres Res Association, Dlk

Mountain View Res Association, Dlk

Mournevale Res Assoc.,Dlk

Mullaharlin Park Res Assoc., Dlk

O’Hanlon Pk/ Hillview RA, Dlk

Old Muirhevna Res Ass., Dlk

Parnell Pk Res Assoc., Dlk

Pearse Park RA, Dundalk

Priorland Gardens RA, Dlk

Priorland Grove Res Assoc., Dlk

Racecourse Road, Aeth Leath, Dundalk

Rathmore Res Association, Kilkerley

Riverside Crescent Tenants Assoc., Dlk

Riverside Drive Res Assoc., Dlk

Road 2 & Villas 3 Res, Muirhevnamore, Dlk

Rockfield Res Assoc., Blackrock (Rock court)

Rockfield Res Assoc., Hoeys Lane, Dundalk

Rosewood Res Association, Dlk

Saltown RA, Phase 2, Dundalk  

Sandfield Gardens Res Assoc., Blackrock

Siul na Mara Res Assoc, Lower Point Rd

Shore Road Environmental Group, Dundalk

Springfield Manor Res Assoc., Dundalk

Stamanaran Res Association, Blackrock

Stephenstown Environ Group/Knockattin  Cottages

St Alphonsus Villas/Cluan Enda

St Furseys Tce Res Assoc., Blackrock

St Gerards Row Res Assoc., Muchgrange

St Olivers Park Tenants Assoc., Carlingford

Stonetrough Res Association

Tudor Grove Res Assoc, Dlk

Village Green Residents Assoc., Omeath

Villas 2 Tenants, Muirhevnamore

Wallace’s Cove Res Association, Blackrock

Waterville Crescent Res Association, Dundalk 

Willow Grove Res Association, Dundalk

Windmill Court Res Association, Dundalk

Woodbury Garden Res Assoc, Dundalk

Woodview Park Res Association, Dundalk


Blackrock Community Park Assoc

Cooley Peninsula Community Alert & Peninsula Marine Litter Project

Faughart Community Alert Group

Grannys Bridge Dev Group, Kilcurry

Haggardstown & Blackrock Community Park

Holy Family Grounds Comm, Dlk

Jenkinstown Project Committee

Mountbagnell Env Group

Omeath District Development Co Ltd

Redeemer Dev Mgt Group, Dlk

Rockmarshall Layby Assoc



Blackrock TT

Carlingford TT

Dromiskin TT

Dundalk TT

Grange TT

Greenore TT

Gyles Quay, Lordship, Mountbagnal TT

Haggardstown TT

Knockbridge TT

Omeath TT