Rates Revaluation 2019

National Revaluation Programme

The Valuation office has been conducting a national project to revalue all business properties in the state for rates purposes. The revaluation for county Louth has been completed and Valuation Certificates have issued. A new Valuation List will be published on 17th September. From that date it will be available to view on-line at www.valoff.ie. It is also available for inspection in the Valuation Office, Irish Life Centre, Lower Abbey St, Dublin 2. The new list will take effect from 01/01/2020 and subsequent years.

A ratepayer can discuss the details of their certificate by contacting the Valuation Office directly or by attending one of the Walk in Clinics which are being held in Dundalk and Drogheda as follows:

Full details of locations,  dates and time of these clinics are:

Wednesday, 25th September 201910.00am-4.00pm

County Hall, Millennium Centre, Dundalk, Co Louth

Thursday, 26th September 201910.00am-4.00pm

 Drogheda Civic Offices, Fair Street, Drogheda, Co Louth

Please bring your Valuation Certificate along with you.

Annual Rate of Valuation (ARV)

The ARV is set by the Local Authority and current indications are that the ARV for 2020 could be as follows:

  • Dundalk:             0.228
  • Drogheda:          0.236
  • County:               0.201

Therefore, in order to calculate your likely rates liability for 2020 you should multiply the Valuation by the ARV applicable to your area (as above).

Example:                  Valuation €10,000

                               Indicative ARV: 0.201 (county area)

                               Likely Rates for 2020: €10,000 x 0.201 = €2,010.00


If a ratepayer is dissatisfied with the valuation or any details contained in the Valuation Certificate, there is a right of appeal to the Valuation Tribunal. Appeals must be made no later than 14th October 2019.  An appeal fee must be paid to the Valuation Tribunal with each appeal made. Full details in relation to how to make an appeal and also appeal fees are available at the Valuation Tribunal website www.valuationtribulal.ie

Further information is available from:

The Valuation Office by phone at  01 8171033  between 9.30am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday or by Email: reval2019@valoff.ie

Revaluation 2019 Project

The Valuation Office is the State property valuation agency responsible for the valuation of all commercial property for the purposes of the levying of commercial rates by local authorities.

Commercial rates are an annual charge on commercial property to pay for the general provision of services of local authorities. Commercial rates are payable on commercial, industrial and some other non-domestic properties. Local authorities calculate commercial rates liabilities on the basis of valuations provided to them by the Valuation Office.

The Valuation Office is now, as part of the ongoing national revaluation programme, commencing the revaluation of all rateable properties in your local authority area.

Following revaluation, the new valuations in your local authority will be based on rental values at the valuation date of 15th September 2017 and will be used as the basis for levying rates from 2020 onwards. The valuation of a property is multiplied by what is known as the “Annual Rate on Valuation” (ARV) to give the amount of commercial rates payable per annum.

Signed Valuation Order

The Commissioner of Valuation has signed a Valuation Order for the Louth County Council area and the revaluation of all commercial and industrial properties for rates purposes in that local authority area has now commenced.

The revaluation will take account of rental values in your local authority area and will result in a more equitable distribution of commercial rates among ratepayers. The revaluation will not increase the total rates revenue raised by Louth County Council

A Valuation Manager will assess the value of your commercial property and set a valuation in line with rental values in your area at the valuation date of 15th September 2017, and you will receive an information pack in the post.

The new valuations will be published on the 17th September 2019 and come into effect for rating purposes from 1st January 2020 onwards.

The Valuation Order for Louth County Council Rating Authority Area, has been signed by John O’Sullivan, Commissioner of Valuation on the 6th October, 2017.

 Further information is available on the Valuation Office website www.valoff.ie

Valuation Order - Louth County Council.pdf (size 59.8 KB)

Explanatory Guide for Commercial Ratepayers.pdf (size 234.9 KB)

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions from the Valuation Office - FAQ

Expanatory Letter- Issued by Valuation Office Sept 2019.pdf (size 187.2 KB)

Sample of Valuation Certificate - Sept 2019.pdf (size 178.7 KB)