Controls under Building Control Regulations


1. Commencement Notice

2. Fire Safety Certificate

3. Revised Fire Safety Certificate

4. 7 Day Notice

5. Regularisation Certificate

6. Disability Access Certificate

7. Revised Disability Access Certificate


Note that failure to comply with the Building Control Regulations could result in heavy penalties (Fines & Imprisonment) and difficulties when it comes to selling your property.


Further information on building regulations can be found here.

Dispensations: In some small number of circumstances application can be made to the Building Control Authority for a dispensation where requirements are unreasonable for a certain situation. Please contact the building control section.

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1. Commencement Notice: This is notice to a building control authority that a person intends to carry out either works or a material change of use to which the building regulations apply. A Commencement notice must be submitted 14 to 28 days prior to starting any work.           


2. Fire Safety Certificate: This is a certificate granted by a building control authority that certifies that a building or works comply with the Building Regulations except for private houses and agricultural buildings a Fire Safety Certificate is required for all new buildings (including apartments and flats) A Fire Safety Certificate must be obtained before work starts.                                                        


3. Revised Fire Safety Certificate: This is required where a Fire Safety Certificate has been granted but significant revision has been made to the design or works of a building. Details can be found here.


4. 7 Day notice: A 7 Day Notice is a notification to a building control authority that a person intends to commence work on the construction of a building before grant of the relevant Fire Safety Certificate.  A Commencement Notice is NOT required in this instance.                                                             


5. Regularisation Certificate: A Regularisation Certificate granted where a building has been commenced or completed without a Fire Safety Certificate, where such a certificate is required and certifies that the building work is in compliance with the appropriate regulations.                                                            


6. Disability Access Certificate: A Disability Access Certificate certifies compliance at design stage of a non domestic building /apartment block with building regulations.                                                        


7. Revised Disability Access Certificate: This is a certificate granted by a building control authority in respect of works where significant revision is made to the design or works of a building for which a Disability Access Certificate has already been granted.