Archives of Urban Authorities

Ardee CorporationDundalk Town Commissioners
Ardee Town CommissionersDundalk Urban District Council
Carlingford CorporationDunleer Corporation
Dundalk Municipal CorporationDrogheda Borough Corporation


Archives from these bodies date back to the twelfth century, and in County Louth charters from the fourteenth century exist. The Municipal Corporations (Ireland) Act, 1840, reduced the number of municipal corporations that existed and councils subsequently became elected democratically. The Lighting of Towns Act, 1828 permitted the formation of bodies of town commissioners and after the Public Health Act of 1874, town commissioners could apply to become the sanitary authority, thereby changing their status to urban district council. The urban authorities remained largely unaffected by the changes of the early part of this century that gave extra powers to county councils.

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Specification for Anaverna Catchment Area and Pipe Line, Dundalk Urban District Council Waterworks Extension, 1929