Submissions Received to the proposed Material Alterations

Submission Ref. No.Date ReceivedOrganisation / Person Making SubmissionSubmission
LCDP MA00105/07/21Geological Survey IrelandSubmission
LCDP MA00207/07/21Peter Carroll on behalf of Dundalk Stadium CompanySubmission
LCDP MA00308/07/21Stephen Ward Consulting on behalf of Brian HeartySubmission
LCDP MA00412/07/21Irish WaterSubmission
LCDP MA00512/07/21EPASubmission
LCDP MA00613/07/21Declan ByrneSubmission
LCDP MA00720/07/21Stephen Ward Consulting on behalf of Shannon Homes Ltd.Submission
LCDP MA00820/07/21Stephen Ward Consulting on behalf of Urban Life Ltd.Submission
LCDP MA00921/07/21Stephen Ward Consulting on behalf of Messrs. Frank and Ronan McArdleSubmission
LCDP MA01022/07/21Stephen Ward Consulting on behalf of McGahon PartnershipSubmission
LCDP MA01123/07/21Sean ConyardSubmission
LCDP MA01223/07/21Paul MonahanSubmission
LCDP MA01323/07/21Michael O'Dowd on behalf of Aontú LouthSubmission
LCDP MA01423/07/21Office of Public WorksSubmission
LCDP MA01525/07/21David GriffithsSubmission
LCDP MA01625/07/21Seamus Roe & Co. Solicitors on behalf of Patrick Reilly, Brendan Roe, Seamus Roe and Tara MullarkeySubmission
LCDP MA01725/07/21Cyril CarterSubmission
LCDP MA01825/07/21Jack TraynorSubmission
LCDP MA01926/07/21David DennisSubmission
LCDP MA02026/07/21Niall DohertySubmission
LCDP MA02126/07/21TIISubmission
LCDP MA02226/07/21Brady Hughes Consulting on behalf of Lorrac Developments Ltd., Thomas Meegan, Rita Meegan, Imelda McGuinness and Clare McGovernSubmission
LCDP MA02326/07/21Stephen Ward Consultants on behalf of Bellscape Ltd.Submission
LCDP MA02426/07/21Stephen Ward Consultants on behalf of Bellscape Ltd.Submission
LCDP MA02526/07/21Graham WoodsSubmission
LCDP MA02626/07/21Lisa BrowneSubmission
LCDP MA02726/07/21Ian CraigSubmission
LCDP MA02827/07/21Joe RogersSubmission
LCDP MA02927/07/21John Spain Associates on behalf of Breen HoldingsSubmission
LCDP MA03027/07/21Ronan FarrellySubmission
LCDP MA03127/07/21Doherty Design Services on behalf of Forevergreen Construction Ltd.Submission
LCDP MA03227/07/21Stephen Ward Consultants on behalf of Doherty Developments Ltd.Submission
LCDP MA03327/07/21Aiden TorrisSubmission
LCDP MA03427/07/21Cllr. Dolores MinogueSubmission
LCDP MA03527/07/21Laura TorrisSubmission
LCDP MA03628/07/21Margaret Daisy MathewsSubmission
LCDP MA03728/07/21Stephen Ward Consultants on behalf of P. CallaghanSubmission
LCDP MA03828/07/21Fred O'Hagan on behalf of Fred O'Hagan, Lisa O'Hagan, Lisa O'Hagan Mernagh and Orlaith O'HaganSubmission
LCDP MA03928/07/21DAERASubmission
LCDP MA04028/07/21Stephen Ward Consultants on behalf of O'Hare McGovern Ltd.Submission
LCDP MA04128/07/21Bernice MeeSubmission
LCDP MA04228/07/21Stephen Ward Consultants on behalf of Urban Life Ltd.Submission
LCDP MA04328/07/21Stephen Ward Consultants on behalf of Urban Life Ltd.Submission
LCDP MA04428/07/21Stephen Ward Consultants on behalf of Mr. B CarrollSubmission
LCDP MA04528/07/21Stephen Ward Consultants on behalf of Mr. B CarrollSubmission
LCDP MA04628/07/21Vincent E. Traynor on behalf of Mr. Freddie JohnstonSubmission
LCDP MA04728/07/21Jim GartlandSubmission
LCDP MA04828/07/21Paddy McQuillanSubmission
LCDP MA04928/07/21Deirdre McQuillanSubmission
LCDP MA05028/07/21Jerry O'ConnellSubmission
LCDP MA05128/07/21Fiona LynchSubmission
LCDP MA05228/07/21Leonard J. HatrickSubmission
LCDP MA05328/07/21Stephen Ward on behalf of Moffett Property Management Ardee Ltd.Submission
LCDP MA05428/07/21Meath County CouncilSubmission
LCDP MA05528/07/21RWE Renewables IrelandSubmission
LCDP MA05628/07/21ESB (Electricity Supply Board)Submission
LCDP MA05728/07/21OPR (Office of the Planning Regulator)Submission
LCDP MA05828/07/21DAU (Development Applications Unit) - Nature ConservationSubmission
LCDP MA05928/07/21Brian HanrattySubmission
LCDP MA06028/07/21Sylvia McCannSubmission
LCDP MA06128/07/21Department of EducationSubmission
LCDP MA06228/07/21Ciara Mac CormacSubmission
LCDP MA06328/07/21Wind Energy IrelandSubmission
LCDP MA06428/07/21Declan FloodSubmission
LCDP MA06528/07/21Pat McArdleSubmission
LCDP MA06628/07/21Anna McKennaSubmission
LCDP MA06726/07/21SERI (Social Enterprise Republic of Ireland)Submission