Severe Weather News

The Severe Weather Assessment Team of Louth County Council has now met three times in last two days to review preparations for above impacting on Louth.


Tide and Surge Levels are being monitored along with river levels


A number of actions have been taken such as gullies have been inspected and cleared where necessary, flood defence raised in blackrock and sandbags left in strategic positions throughout the county for use by the public. 

Sandbags can be collected at

  • Dundalk Town Hall (until 5.00 pm),
  • Carlingford Fire Station,
  • Savages Hill,
  • Ship Street, Drogheda,
  • Bru, Dyer Street, Drogheda,
  • Usher’s Corner, Drogheda.


All Council parks are closed to the public today


Staff are on standby to address any issues as they arise during the storm