Responsible Use of Water - Seven Tips

Louth Local Authorities are experiencing difficulties in meeting water demand due to the affects of ongoing severe weather. We will continue to try and maintain supplies to all customers in all areas. To do this we need your help.

  1. Check on your neighbours; they may need and be grateful of your assistance.
  2. Check unoccupied and unheated properties for example garages and sheds; as pipes and fittings in them may have frozen and may leak when they thaw. 
  3. Check field and drinker connections for leakage.  Drain down and turn off if they are not in use.
  4. Report any leaks you see to the Council.
  5. If any of your pipes are frozen be particularly vigilant when supplies are restored as fittings may have been damaged and may leak.
  6. Don't pour boiling water on frozen fittings.   This may cause fittings to split resulting in leakage, water damage and delay in restoring supplies.
  7. Where a pipe is frozen apply a heat from a hair drier or a towel soaked in hot water. Do not start in middle of pipe. Once flow is restored be sure to check for leaks.

Louth Local Authorities Contact Nos. is Lo-call 1890202303

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