M1 Roadworks update---work on slipways at Junction 14

Road works will continue at M1 Junction 14 (Ardee) tonight, Monday night 14th/15th October between 19.30 and 06.30.  

Junction 14

There will be local traffic restrictions throughout the night on the roundabout.  In addition, the following slip roads will close at different times during the night;

-          On slip, southbound

-          Off slip, northbound 

To accommodate the above works, local diversion will be in place for M1 southbound traffic via the LP 2226-27 and R132 to Junction 13 (Dunleer North).  Similarly, an M1 northbound diversion will be in place via the LP 2226-27, R132 and R166 to Junction 15.  For traffic wishing to exit at Junction 14, northbound, such traffic will be required to exit at Junction 13 and divert via the R132 and LP 2226-27. 

There will be no mainline closures during this time.