Transportation, Infrastructure

The Transportation and Infrastructure department of the Council is responsible for the planning, design and maintenance of the regional and local roads within the Council area. Works include road realignment, road strengthening, drainage and footpath repairs/replacement.

The department issues road opening licences with reinstatement details to utilities including Bord Gais, the ESB, Telecom and private concerns for the installation of underground services. All openings in the roadway or public footpath require a road opening licence.

Road Opening Licence 2017.pdf (size 196.9 KB)

The department is responsible for the control and maintenance of the traffic lights, street signage and road markings within the Council. The Council carries out winter maintenance including the sanding and gritting of main roads.

The department inspects planning applications with respect to roads and drafts planning conditions. On grant of permission inspections are carried out to ensure compliance with planning conditions and required specifications

Piers and Harbours

Louth County Council is the Harbour Authority for the ports of Clogherhead and Annagassan and Calingford

Coastal Protection

Louth County Council carried out extensive protection work along vulnerable areas of the coastline. Priority was given to the protection of public property including county roads and amenity areas.

A report on the extent of coastal erosion was produced and will be used to identify areas for future funding.