Roads Safety

Welcome to the Road Safety section of Louth County Council's website.  In this section there is information on road safety issues as well as useful links to other websites containing information on road safety.

Road Safety Officer

The main role of the Road Safety Officer is to raise awareness and educate the public on road safety matters.  Contact the Roads Safety officer at

For detailed statistical information (road deaths and injuries, road safety performance, safety by county etc.) click here 

Here is a link to the RSA Road Collision Facts Book.

Here is a link to the County by County Road Safety Review

Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road, including foreign language translations, are available to download from the website as is an interactive English version, edited to Plain English standards by NALA.  E-booklets and an audio version on CD-ROM to meet the needs of those with reading difficulties are available by contacting the Road Safety Authority at LoCall 1890 50 60 80 or by email at

Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians all have a part to play in making our roads safer.  We can all help to make Louth's road safer by treating each other courteously, obeying the rules of the road and by remaining alert at all times while using the road.

Road Safety Educational Resources

There is now a full set of resources approved at a national level for delivery in preschool, primary and post-primary schools as well as approved programmes for use in third level, workplace and in community settings.   An outline of these resources is given below, however, further information can be obtained from the following website: