Registration/Taxation of Trailers

All trailers are registered with Motor Tax Offices & not with the Revenue Commissioners. Louth registered Trailers begin with the letters AN

Forms used:

  • Form TF100 - used for the registration and licensing of trailers/semi trailers.
  • Form TF300A (In the case of a trailer which has been type approved or imported) or TF 300B (for a trailer which is outside of the scope of type approval)
  • Form TF200 - used for change of ownership.

Certificates of Roadworthiness (CRW’s) are required for trailers/semi trailers once the trailer has been licensed in this country for one year.

The fee for the initial registration of a trailer is €60. The fee for trailer licence renewal was abolished on the 1 April 2001 under the Road Traffic (Licensing of Trailers and Semi-Trailers (Amendment) Regulations, 2001. A legal requirement to renew the trailer licence together with the submission of a valid certificate of roadworthiness for the trailer still applies even allowing for the fact that there is no fee required.

Renewal of a Trailer Licence

Documents that must accompany form:

  • Trailer Licence Card
  • Pass Statement from authorised tester.
  • Fee - €13.00