Mobile Workshops

Taxation of Mobile Workshops

N.B - As from 13th August 2007 Mobile workshops require a roadworthiness test once they are one year old.

Ice Cream Vans/Chip Vans are not classified as Mobile Workshops and should be taxed at the appropriate goods/commercial rate

From 1/6/05 Persons wishing to tax a vehicle for the first time as a Mobile Workshop must contact either the Dundalk or Drogheda office to arrange a date & time to bring the vehicle for inspection.

While the Revenue Commissioners may already have certified a vehicle as a Mobile Workshop when it’s being imported, this vehicle still needs to be inspected by the Machinery Yard.

Inspection reports are also required when a change of ownership occurs.

In preparation for the inspection vehicle owners should identify the location of the chassis number on the vehicle, they will also need to present the registration book/VRC/VLC, valid insurance certificate & a current road worthiness certificate or valid pass statement from an authorised tester on the day of the inspection.

Following satisfactory inspection of the vehicle the customer will be given a certificate which they then produce with their tax renewal form, pass statement/current CRW & appropriate fee when applying to tax the vehicle.