Water Framework Directive

To make it possible to manage water in Ireland the whole island has been divided into eight districts. These districts are not based on traditional county boundaries, but are based on the natural flow of water in river catchments or basins. They are called River Basin Districts (or RBDs for short) and are shown in the picture to the right. This means that some counties are in more than one RBD, and in fact parts of County Louth fall into two different RBDs the eastern and neagh-bann river basin districts. The Neagh-Bann is called an International RBD (IRBD for short) because it crosses the border with Northern Ireland. Draft plans have been drawn up and are going to the March meeting of LCC for adoption. For further information see the following links www.wfdireland.ie/ or www.nbirbd.com

Water Matters Reports

Neagh Bann

Eastern River Basin District

You can also collect a hard copy of the booklet at Louth County Council