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An authorised waste collector is defined in the regulations as a holder of a waste collection permit that is in force and which allows for the collection of waste tyres.

Obligations on Waste Collectors

Under the regulations, all waste collectors who are authorised to collect waste tyres in Co. Louth, were required to register with compliance schemes which have been approved by the Minister. Registration is required annually.

Please note that under the regulations, authorised waste collectors can only transfer waste tyres to:

  • other authorised waste collectors who are registered
  • authorised recovery operators
  • farmers, provided that the quantity of tyres supplied will not result in the maximum quantity of tyres that can be stored from being exceeded (8 tyres per square metre of the floor area of the silage pit)
  • any person who can demonstrate they have a genuine reuse for waste tyres, subject to prior Local Authority approval.


Registration Options

Details of the registration options are as follows:

Option 1 – Louth County Council Registration

If you choose to register as an authorised waste collector with Louth County Council for the purposes of the regulations, you must register each place of business and each premises used for the storage of waste tyres in Co. Louth. Please contact the Environmental Compliance Section of Louth County Council for further details.

Environmental Compliance Section
Louth County Council
Town Hall
Crowe Street
Dundalk, Co. Louth
Tel: (042) 939 2991
Email: tyres@louthcoco.ie

Option 2 - REPAK ELT Registration

If you choose to register as an authorised waste collector with REPAK ELT for the purposes of the regulations, please contact the REPAK ELToffice directly for further details.

Red Cow Interchange Estate
1 Ballymount Road
Dublin 22
Tel: 01 - 461 8600

Website: www.repakelt.ie