Draft Dunleer Local Area Plan 2017-2023

Draft Dunleer Local Area Plan 2017-2023

Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 20 (3) (a) of the Planning & Development Act 2000 (as amended) that Louth County Council being the Planning Authority for the area proposes to make a new local area plan for Dunleer.

A copy of the draft Dunleer Local Area Plan 2017-2023 will be on public display from Wednesday 22nd March 2017 until Friday 5th May 2017.

The draft Dunleer LAP 2017-2023 comprises a Written Statement, Appendices, and is accompanied by an Environmental Report of the likely significant effects on the environment of implementing the draft Dunleer LAP 2017-2023. Please see links below: 

Copies of the draft Dunleer LAP 2017-2023 can be inspected at all Louth County Council Customer Service Desks and all Louth Libraries during their respective opening hours.

Making a Submission

Written submissions or observations with regard to the LAP may be made to Louth County Council from 22nd March 2017 to 5th May 2017 inclusive.

Submissions and Observation may be made in the following ways:

In writing to Frank Pentony, Louth County Council, Forward Planning Department, Crowe Street, Dundalk, Co Louth

By e-mail to the designated e-mail address: localareaplans@louthcoco.ie 

For further information on making a submission please see newspaper advert link below:

All submissions and observations received during the designated time period will be taken into consideration before making the Dunleer LAP 2017-2023. 

Please note that late submissions cannot be accepted.

Frank Pentony

Director of Service

Economic Development, Infrastructure & Compliance 


 Louth County Council are keen to get the views of the public on the Draft Dunleer Local Area Plan 2017-2023.

As a result the council are arranging a number of public consultations in The Market House Dunleer which will give the public the opportunity to meet with planning officials and discuss any issues and queries they may have in relation to the draft Local Area Plan.

The public consultations are informal and community groups, sporting organisations, retailers and the general public are welcome to attend:

Times & Dates as follows:

The Market House Dunleer on Thursday 13th April 2017 from 10.00am - 12.30pm

The Market House Dunleer on Wednesday 19th April from 2.30pm -5.30pm

The Market House Dunleer Thursday 20th April 2017 6.00pm -8.00pm 

Louth County Council look forward to seeing you there.