Closure of St. Laurence’s Gate on 18th August 2017


Louth County Council in exercise of the powers conferred on it by Part VI, Section 35 of the Road Traffic Act, 1994, Regulation of Traffic, hereby gives notice that it has prepared a scheme for the Closure of St. Laurence’s Gate & implementation of associated New Traffic Plans at Palace Street, Jim Garry Way, Francis Street, Cord Road and Oulster’s Lane coming into effect on 18th August 2017.

 one way LINE MARKING 1

The scheme provides for:- restriction of access to St. Laurence’s Gate to pedestrians only and shall include installation of street furniture bollards at it’s junction with Laurence Street and Cord Road. Access to Cord Road from Laurence Street will be north via Palace Street to King Street to Sunday’s Gate eastwards along Scarlet Street turning south (right) into Oulsters Lane or Sandyford Terrace or Thomas Street.  Access to Palace Street from Constitution Hill shall be north along Francis Street and westwards along Jim Garry Way and south into Palace Street to access Laurence’s Centre car park, note a two-way traffic system shall be in operation at Palace Street between Jim Garry Way to the Laurence’s Centre car park.

Traffic flows along Jim Garry Way, Francis Street, Oulster’s Lane and Cord Road (from Sandyford Terrace) shall be reversed to facilitate the new traffic system.


Martina Sheeran

A/Senior Engineer

15th August, 2017.